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Salisbury Park Groodles

We often get emails asking whether Salisbury Park Groodles are legitimate – given the idyllic location, gorgeous puppies, and the slick-looking photography. Of course with the prevalence of puppy farms out there, we understand. It’s a valid question.

To answer the question: yes, they are legitimate. It is a family business, and Charlotte is a lovely lady. The dog (‘Reuben’) you see featured on the website (the ‘Teddy bear’ on the homepage, plus other photos) is owned by our own agency partner, Andrew – who bought him from Salisbury Park Groodles a couple of years ago. Reuben is a prominent member of that Wilson household!

We took the professional photos for the website, including the aerial drone shots of the property too. It’s all legitimate, and every bit as good as it looks. You can see the property for yourself if you go to see the puppies and meet Charlotte.

We are proud to work with Charlotte at Salisbury Park Groodles, and have no hesitation in recommending them to find your next furry family member.

P.S. If you’re interested in us helping to build or update your website, or create your new business branding, feel free give us a call on 02 9439 8646 and have a chat.