Introducing Matthew Howard


Another ‘Other’

Joining The Other Dimension with a fresh style and energy, Matthew brings a new level of illustrative talent to the team.

Self Portraits

Whenever people ask me what kind of style I design or draw in, I never really have an answer.

I like to experiment with how I both draw and design, and I’m always open to new, creative approaches utilising the new technology being created each day.

You could say that this set of nine portraits is my way of allowing you to get to know me better; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words… so in this case, here’s nine thousand words about me.

Strategy Illustration

Featured on the Strategy page of our website, this illustration was inspired by the style of one of the above self portraits.

It depicts Andrew and Matt hard at work in a boardroom session, making magic for a client.

Bear City

At the time I created this piece, I was heavily influenced by the art style of Banksy, a street artist based in England.

Most of his artworks look at putting a spin on society, testing what we accept as the norm in everyday life.

For this piece, I wanted to bring forward the idea of our impact on nature as we continually expand as a society.

Have you hung out the washing, deer?

As with the artwork above, this piece looks to bring to light the impact that we have on nature as our society expands. These two artworks mark the first time I had ever used a graphics tablet and also touched Photoshop to create an art piece. Of all my work, I think these stand out to people as a bit more left-field – something which I’m proud to say reflects the way I think.

Roll Up to The Circus

Every year, Emmanuel Baptist Church holds a holiday kids club during the summer break.

For this year, they wanted a circus theme. The branding in prior years had been quite dull, so I was inspired to deliver something which really engaged the children.

I created a series of characters for them to identify with, and these have since been interspersed throughout the created media.

Saviour King: Carols by Candlelight

At the end of each year, as Christmas brings its good tidings, Emmanuel Baptist Church has a carols service.

Being a Christian event, they didn’t want their design to be filled with Santas and reindeers, instead opting for a subtle focus aligned with the original meaning of Christmas.

For this project, as well as making posters and flyers, I also had the opportunity to produce a short video of the church’s view of what Christmas is all about.

BBetween 7

Funnily enough, one of the projects I’m still most proud of comes from my study days at Billy Blue: College of Design, where I helped create their annual student design magazine. Fifteen of the best students were selected, and I was given the role of Senior Designer.

Our theme was Think Big. With this theme in mind, we set out to find interesting design from around the globe, focusing on raw, world-changing ingenuity. What we found still surprises me to this day, and the project has pride of place in my portfolio.

Nick Molteno Sound Design

When a friend started his own sound design company, he approached me with a very simple brief and the offer of complete creative control. His only two requirements were that it had to have his name on it, and it had to ‘look cool.’

After combining some handcrafted typography with some beautiful photographs, I had a brand he fell in love with. From this, I followed on to create a set of posters, business cards and Facebook materials.

Your Next Project

I love the challenge of creating something new for every client and brief. If you’re looking for a fresh style of design or illustration for your next project, Matt and Andrew would love to arrange an introduction so we can meet. They’ve even created this form to make it nice and easy:


I’d like to meet Matthew and/or discuss a relevant project.