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Emergency Turnaround Design, Creative & Digital

Presentations • Websites • Illustrations • Copywriting • Branding

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Some real examples of urgent delivery:

Overnight Turnaround (6pm-6am)

Delivery of 8-page, custom designed WordPress microsite with 2000 words of content (in time for client appearance in AFR)

1-Day Turnaround

Basic brand development for pilot venture including mini style guide and corporate stationery design (letterhead, business cards, HTML email signatures and holding page design).

4-Day Turnaround

Design of 55-page booklet, 77-slide PowerPoint presentation, 12× character illustrations, 40× A3 presentation boards, 1× animated screensaver.

2-Month Turnaround

  • Fly 3-man team to Middle Eastern capital
  • 1200km road trip, 5× flights
  • Film 2700 minutes of footage over 16 days
  • Return and cut into 160× 2-3min YouTube clips with synced audio, music, and bumper screens
  • Build interactive website for user to explore the country via video, using dichotomous navigation
  • Design various pieces of promotional collateral including press and digital ads.

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