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Salisbury Park Groodles

We worked with a small family business to deliver an adorable website that’s unique in style, triages public enquiries to save on admin time, and is littered with cute puppies


We wouldn’t describe most of our subject matter as ‘cute’, but this one is an exception. A collaboration with a creative partner, this site is simple in structure and features, but big on visuals – exactly what was needed to help this small business client showcase her beautiful ‘products’.


A website that’s all about the visuals requires some pretty solid photography.


Location Photo Shoots

We used our drone to capture the beauty of the land upon which the puppies are raised – a little piece of heaven due west of Bowral and half way between Canberra and Bathurst.

Puppy Photography

We won’t lie – this one was a highlight for our photographer and shoot director. Dozens of happy puppies clambering to be in shot, and then collapsing for a cute snooze after their hard work was done. Who says you shouldn’t work with animals or children?

Who doesn’t love more puppy photos?

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