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A quickstart brand and a low-cost platform to bring more people into the arena, and create a pathway for the next generation of talent

Giddy Up!

What do you do if you’re the nation’s peak equestrian body – – and you want to increase participation amongst people who might otherwise consider your sport too elitist?

You launch a platform that connects with them in a way they understand – one that is simple, practical, and helps them take the necessary steps to get started.

And you develop a brand and URL that’s easy to remember:

The Ride Stuff

After formulating the strategy, conceiving the brand, and building the visual identity, we set about developing a lean, smart platform packed full of features. Here’s an overview of what offers.

Participant Registration

Visitors are invited to ‘Try Horse Riding’ or ‘Develop My Skills’.

The former connects them to a nearby riding centre, and subscribes them to a drip-feed Horse Riding 101 email program, built with conditional logic to automate different content depending on their interactions with previous emails.

Opting for the ‘Develop’ path, visitors can register for one of five tailored programs. A smart form asks key questions and then directs them to the most appropriate course for their needs.

Coach Finder Map

It’s all well and good to get people interested in riding, but most of those people don’t already own a horse … which is why we integrated maps that allow visitors to locate their nearest coach or riding centre.

Coach Profile Pages

Coaches also have the ability to self manage their profile page, which is linked to the Coach Finder map. Here, they can list details of their business, link to their website, showcase photos of their horses and facilities, and indicate which programs they offer.

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