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From humble beginnings as ‘Property Crowd & Co’, we turned this innovative concept into a true online platform positioned as ‘Your new home for smarter real estate’

Brand power

We worked to develop a simpler, more powerful brand name and secure a .com URL, before creating a visual brand identity to suit. The logo highlights the unique Propertied model which brings together investors, developers, and home buyers to deliver a more efficient real estate model.

Platform development

As with many tech startups, the question in the early days is whether to pursue a full custom build, or to configure existing solutions to test product-market fit – and then embark on the full build only when the investment can be justified. In this case, we worked with Propertied to deliver a WordPress-based property listing, investment, and purchase platform complete with API connection to third party inventory. The result? We were able to deliver 80% of the full functionality for approximately 20% of the cost by leveraging existing technologies.

Features and functions

  • Property profiles/pages
  • Property feed with filters
  • Property pull via API to retrieve from external source
  • User registration as investor or home buyer
  • User profiles with investment totals, invested properties, resouces and dividend payouts

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