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Pat & Stick’s

This one is otherwise known as ‘How a freezer full of delicious ice cream sandwiches became a much-loved feature of our office…’

Point of Sale Posters

Ice-cream. Winter. Fortunately, we love a challenge. Harking back to the old sideshow days, we developed the creative concepts, copy, and illustration, to help buck the trend of declining winter sales.

Freezer Boards

These are a fantastic piece of real estate that can do so much more than offer product images and prices in a boxed-in menu style. We decided to call out for attention with big headlines, and cut through with new brand colours – all whilst maintaining that Coney Island style which has made the Pat & Stick’s freezers famous.

“When we needed help reworking our retail presence through our point of sale visuals we sat down with more than a dozen designers and agencies. There was only one who didn’t talk about all the great things they had done but rather asked us exactly the right questions to realise we knew the answers to our problems and we had just found the right agency to help us articulate it and make it real.
Andrew, Matt and their team have a unique approach that is driven by understanding and critical thinking coupled with creative skills to deliver a solution that is truly more than the sum of its parts.
They’re also just plain old fun to hang out with.”

Stick Seach
Co-founder and General Manager, Pat & Stick’s

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