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Birdsville Races

We raced against the clock to deliver rapid results for one of Australia’s best-loved events, the iconic Birdsville Races in outback Queensland

Sister sites

We were out of the gate and across the line in just 4 weeks for a complete rebuild of the Birdsville Races website, and a mere 6 weeks to complete the Birdsville Races Roadies ‘sister site’ following. The former showcases the iconic outback races, while the latter provides a membership-based platform for those looking for companions to make the journey.

Horses for courses

The Birdsville races are an iconic Australian event, full of dust, drama, colour, and camaraderie. The site brings the races to life, highlighting the range of activities on offer and driving people to ticket purchases through stronger calls to action.

The imagery below provides a ‘Before and After’ comparison …

One for the Roadies

Getting to Birdsville is no easy task – but that’s half the fun. A mere 1900km from Sydney and 1500km from Brisbane, much of it unsealed, many travellers choose to do the adventure in convoy. The Birdsville Races Roadies platform was built to facilitate these convoys amongst a wider group, reducing the barriers to race attendance.

Members Only

Roadies sign up for paid membership, then have access to a bespoke Roadies social platform where they can access member-only resources, upload their profile, search for and connect with other Roadies, and ultimately form groups that turn into convoys. Groups then link with other groups, ensuring a network of support for travellers of all levels of 4WD experience.

Stickers for Slickers

Rounding out the picture, we developed promotional material including flyers, bumper stickers, and vinyl door stickers upon which convoys could write their group names … whilst simultaneously promoting the Roadies concept.

“The Birdsville Racing Club were fortunate to team up with The Other Dimension to create an innovative new social networking product, branded ‘Birdsville Races Roadies’. The project involved complex brand and website development. We were extremely impressed with not only the speed of output given short lead times, but more importantly the quality of the work that integrated the new product seamlessly within existing BRC branded offerings but at the same time created a point of difference that made the new product exciting and unique … “

Sean Kirchner
Manager, Birdsville Races

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