Making Waves with Data

Wednesday 6 July, 2016

Welcome to the first of what will be a quarterly update from the Skyfii team. Through this and future newsletters, we hope to provide you with updates on what we’ve been doing and where we are heading.

Company News

The second half of fiscal 2016 came and went very quickly. We have not only delivered guest Wi-Fi and data analytics services for some major customers – including Market City and Mirvac – but have welcomed a number of new faces to the team.

Among our newcomers is media and property industry expert, John Rankin, who joined us as Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. John is leading our day-to-day operations in the local market, with a particular focus on the retail, hospitality, education, transit and healthcare markets.

International Expansion

Meanwhile, we’ve also expanded our international footprint with new offices in the United Kingdom (London) and the United States (Dallas). This came on the back of strong demand from bricks-and-mortar venues which understand data is an increasingly critical component of their own revenue-generating and promotional strategies.

Manning our London office are Michael Owen and Andrew Clark, while the Dallas office is headed by Keith Morris and Charlie Clemmer. Between them is more than six decades’ of ICT expertise, particularly in wireless and networking.

Did You Know?

Running exit surveys can be a costly exercise but with Skyfii’s IO Engage product you can now run “always on” customer surveys for a fraction of the cost all-year round.

Skyfii’s IO Engage product facilitates the targeting of customers who have visited a venue or store with a survey on the completion of that visit. This means marketing teams can now start to engage with customers on a more regular basis.

A recent trial of IO Engage yielded fantastic results for a shopping centre client. Over the course of the one-month survey period ~12,000 visitors were delivered a survey email with 2852 opens, 452 clicking the link and 304 completed interviews.

That’s a response rate of 2% from total sends, 11% from opens, 67% from clicks.

Using the rich segmentation of IO Engage we were able to target a subset of visitors quickly and match the responses against demographic and behavioural data.

For more information on Skyfii’s IO Engage product and it’s Exit Survey capability please talk with your Customer Success Manager.

Product Tips

Benchmark report

The new benchmark report helps users better understand venue performance by comparing venues and venue groups against the network average across a range of key dimensions including visits, dwell times and registrations.

To locate the report, login to your account, select Insights and choose Behaviour from the side menu.

Segment Filter

In addition to time and venue, key IO reports can now be filtered by segment. Enjoy a greater level of depth and insights across our most popular reports as well as improved marketing attribution viewing behaviour of campaign segments over time.

The segment filter is available to all users with a subscription to IO Engage.