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Your Christmas gift from TOD!

As is our custom, we didn’t actually buy you anything for Christmas.

Well, other than a bag of red frogs. What we really bought is something meaningful for someone else instead. A bunch of people, in fact.

They’re young, they’re noisy, and … they’re quite possibly drunk.

But they need support, including in the form of pancakes, chai lattes, red frogs, and, especially, the kindness of strangers. Red Frogs delivers a life-saving service on the streets of places like Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay, acting like an older brother or sister and looking out for the well-being of youngsters and ensuring they get home safely.

Your ‘gift’ has fully supplied the Red Frogs truck for the entire week of Schoolies.

The Red Frogs food truck offers a physical space where Schoolies can come for help from the Red Frogs teams. Alongside their countless Walk Homes, the Red Frog Hotline, the Hotel Pancake Cook-Ups and thousands of Red Frog lollies, it is a vital part of what they do to safeguard lives at Schoolies in Byron Bay.

Your Christmas gift via TOD has provided all the supplies and equipment that they need to deliver over 500 pancakes and 150 cups of chai tea in Byron Bay!

Thank you for partnering with them to help them safeguard a generation. They couldn’t do it without you!

From the Red Frogs Byron team:

The Red Frogs PanChai Food Truck plays multiple roles in helping us safeguard young people during Schoolies. Alcohol intoxication is our number one issue and by providing free food we are able to help minimise its impact by filling up bellies with pancakes and chai! Aussies love holding something in their hand when in social settings, which is what makes it a perfect distraction from an alcoholic alternative. It’s also a great reminder for Schoolies to chill out, take a break and have a chat with one of our Red Frogs team about how they’re going!


Curious about Red Frogs? Hop on over to the Red Frogs site to learn more.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you this year. We love what we do, and even more so when we have the chance to work with people like you!


Have a fantastic Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in 2023.

With love from Matt, David, Andrew, and Laura

Strategic Vision / Empowered Creative