Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism
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Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism

Having worked with Oman for over 7 years, we’ve created a vast number of campaigns, creative, and designs. Scroll down to see just a selection of some of our work we’ve done together – that helped the ministry win ‘Best International Tourist Office’ at the prestigious National Travel Industry Awards.

2 hours from castle to coral

Welcome to a land where ancient castles and coral reefs are only hours apart. Welcome to a country of breathtaking natural beauty interwoven with rich cultural history. From the many forts and watchtowers scattered across the country to the abundant marine life along its spectacular coastline, Oman is a place awaiting your discovery. Welcome to adventure. Welcome to Oman.

Beauty has an address ~ Oman.

4 days from first impressions to lifelong memories

Welcome to Oman. Welcome to a destination that offers sublime hospitality in an environment of stunning natural beauty. Welcome to a country with an ancient culture that greets visitors with open arms. Welcome to a place that will capture your heart from the moment you arrive, where just a four-day stopover will provide memories to last a lifetime. All only one hour’s flight from Dubai. Welcome to Oman.

Beauty has an address ~ Oman

3 millennia from timeless tradition to modern luxury

Welcome to a destination like no other. Welcome to a land of stunning geographic beauty and rich Arabian hospitality, a place abounding with experiences beyond your greatest expectations. Immerse yourself in an ancient marketplace or relax in the ambience of an enchanting palace. Welcome to a place that perfectly combines modern luxury and traditional culture. Welcome to Oman.

Beauty has an address ~ Oman

3 hours from cultural immersion to scenic wonder

Welcome to Oman. Welcome to a country combining stunning natural beauty with vibrant culture. Welcome to a land where you can retrace the steps of the ancient caravan routes between the majestic Wadi Tiwi oasis and the mystical Muttrah Souk. Welcome to a place that offers a taste of the true Arabia, a destination where the scenery will leave you breathless and the people will warm your heart. Welcome to Oman.

Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Side trip of a Lifetime Logo

Branding for Side trip of a Lifetime

We created the branding for Oman’s campaign website. The branding combined elements of the Sultanate of Oman branding and the theme of the campaign. For more on the website, scroll down or see the website here:

Side trip of a Lifetime Website

Cinema Ad/TVC Sidetrip of a Lifetime

Created in conjunction with Ninja Milk.

User Journey-based Website

Take your own journey through Oman via our Side trip of a Lifetime website featuring interactive videos and responsive design that displays perfectly on all screens and devices – to give the visitors the most exciting user journey.

Welcome to Oman

Visitors are greeted with a choice of 3 Nights, 7 Nights or the Ultimate Tour.

Decisions, decisions

Visitors create their own tour based on their choices at each step.

Users choose

And with each choice, brings another choice – the user truly creates their own journey.

Like being in Oman

And with each video, they can experience Oman in first person view – the closest thing to actually being there.

Making it real

Of course there are packages available for the visitors to sign up and experience Oman in real life.

Oman Roadshow Theming & AIME

Oman Digital Display Stand

Oman Digital Display Stands

Purpose designed and built digital table displays that rotate through Oman imagery and messaging, all while lasting 36 hours on a single battery charge. 3D modelled, rendered, manufactured and used to great effect to engage guests at the roadshow events.

AIME Exhibition Stand Design & Build

We designed, modelled and then actually built a real fort inside the Melbourne Convention Centre for AIME – and in doing so, created a real buzz amongst the patrons and showed them the kind of authenticity that the Oman destination has to offer.

Oman Stand
Oman EDM

Oman EDMs

We’ve kept Oman at the top of subscribing traveller’s wish lists with regular email campaigns.  Our campaign tool has kept everyone up to date on deals, locations and highlighting the incredible wonder that is Oman. And we’ve got all the data to show for it.


“We work with a creative agency here that would take a thousand jackhammers to pry us away from. They are sensational.”


Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism

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