Roko Packaging Co.
Roko Packaging Co.

Roko Packaging Co.

Product development, 3D modelling and rendering, 2D drawings.

3D Render Jars

Roko Range of Products

We’ve helped create 2D and 3D drawings of the catalogue of Roko products. On request, clients have been able to see their products rendered in the material and colour of preference before production.

3D Render Lid

New Product Development

We’ve helped Roko develop new products and garner interest in the market before going to tooling and production. With realistic 3D renders, many clients are not just confident in Roko Packaging’s capabilities, but they are ready to place orders.

Drawn & Dimensioned

With the use of 3D software, we have been able to model new products and calculate volumes as well as generating fully dimensioned 2D drawings ¬†used to create the tooling for manufacture, as well as sell the client on the product with the exact measurements they’re looking for.

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