Logica (CGI)

Logica (now CGI)

Industrial design of several hardware devices (Remote Terminal Units and CPUs).

RTUs, CPUs & IOs

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

These RTUs reside in remote power/utility substations and allow data to be reported back to the central staging rooms, as well as allowing remote control of the substations. Working closely with the internal team onsite at Logica, we helped them developed their circuit board into a finished product. Being industrial designers with electrical engineering experience, we were well positioned understand the constraints we had to work within.

We turn concepts into products

From concept sketches, to 3D renders, to functional (rapid) prototypes and mechanical drawings, we were able to evolve the concept into a final production piece.

We facilitated the production and had all the devices produced to our own and our client’s exacting standards.

Rapid Prototyping

We can model a product in 3D, send the file to get rapid prototyped and be holding the part within 48 hours – ready to test it, check fit and try it in the flesh before going to manufacture.

Rapid Prototype

From the success of the Single MD-300 ...

We created a double MD-300

 Rack Mount CPU & IO Variants


We helped create the rack mounted variants of the devices to allow Logica to expand into additional locations and markets, whilst utilising their existing technology

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