EnduroShield (PCT Global)

EnduroShield (PCT GLobal)

Web design, collateral and 3D visualisation for EnduroShield.

EnduroShield Auto Logo

A shiny new Auto logo

We turned the existing flat domestic EnduroShield logo into the fancy chromed variant for the automotive industry.

A brand new automotive product

EnduroShield created a world-first with their nanotechnology product to repel rain, snow and bugs from the windscreen – and we created the packaging to help it sell right off the shelves.

EnduroShield Auto Box

And a sachet version to match

As well as the boxed retail product, we developed the packaging for the sachet version that could be easily mailed.

eCommerce Website

We built the full online ecommerce store for EnduroShield Auto, allowing transactions from around the world.

3D rendering of products and packaging

We have been able to showcase the various EnduroShield product lines in photorealistic 3D before they have gone into production, and to use in place of studio photography in marketing collateral.

EnduroShield Production Line Render

3D render of the production line

We modelled and rendered the production line where EnduroShield was to be applied to the ceramics – before the equipment was in place, to demonstrate the process to prospective customers.

And here's another 3D render ... with The Duck

We can superimpose 3d renders with photographic imagery to really bring concepts to life.


EnduroShield Production Line Render

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