Coffee with Grace
Coffee with Grace

Coffee with Grace

It’s always a delight to develop a brand with real meaning. Coffee with Grace is one such example. It’s the story of a father’s heart to establish a business for his daughter that will provide her with an ongoing quality of life – and hopes and dreams – that aren’t always possible for someone with Down Syndrome.

The Other Dimension assisted Perry, Grace’s father, by providing a brand identity, copywriting, collateral, and front-end website design for Coffee with Grace on a pro bono basis.

Coffee with Grace is all about a fresh approach to looking after people who need support, aligned with a passion for fresh, premium coffee.

Stationery and Promotional Material

The Other Dimension developed a brand look and feel which is warm and inviting, yet not overly complicated; it is fresh and has an air of childish innocence contrasted with bolder colours and strong coffee themes.

Coffee With Grace Stationery

Coffee Bags

The raw bags were a natural choice to align with the earthiness of coffee and allude to the hessian bags it is first shipped in. The labels are clear, easy to read, and align with the look and feel of the other brand elements. Grace’s face adorns each bag for that personal touch.

Coffee with Grace Coffee Bag

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