BT Financial Group
BT Financial Group

BT Financial Group

Campaign creative, illustrations and design for BT.

Starting a Wave of Advocacy

We helped BT start the wave – and build it up to critical mass, to become a movement.

Campaign Emails

A series of emails were sent out to generate interest, awareness and involvement.

BT Advocacy Poster

Campaign Poster

Large posters increased visibility and helped to promote the campaign.

Web Banner

Supporting web banner for the campaign.

BT Responsiveness Cowboy

Ready for your next campaign, punk ... ?

We followed up the ‘Wave of Advocacy’ campaign with the development of the character and theme for BT’s ‘Responsiveness’ campaign.

The campaign featured our quick-draw BT Cowboy – prepared to respond with speed and agility and ready to fire off rapid replies.

A mascot for the teams at BT, a sharp shooter and a born leader, he really lead the way.

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