Bose Australia

In-house including creative, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, 3D modelling and rendering, exhibition and retail store design.

Bose Jewel Cube 3D Render

3D Model & Render

Photorealistic Bose Jewel Cube modelled and rendered in 3D for Bose Australia (inhouse).

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Bring out your dead ...

When Bose ran a promotion for consumers to bring out their ‘dead’ stereo gear to upgrade to Bose, they needed the most ghoulish-looking hand – and this one was airbrushed to chill them to their bones…

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Bose Store Design

Bose Store Design

Melbourne Bose Store layout and design – sketched, modelled in 3D and rendered, then built.

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Bose Store Design

Bose 3•2•1 Press Ad

Targeting the demographic who remember The Beach Boys, in a Longboarding magazine, the ad highlights how Bose can provide full surround sound effects using only front speakers.

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Bose 3-2-1 Ad

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