Bison Industrial Rentals

Bison Industrial Rentals
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Bison Industrial Rentals

A fast-growth player in the mining industry, Bison wanted a proactive, no-mess partner who could rapidly develop a custom website built on a robust CMS that was easily editable by personnel in remote locations. The Other Dimension delivered a site which is clear, comprehensive, and on-brand.

EDM templates were also created to support the new site and subsequent new product releases.

A bold look for a heavy industry client

Simple, clear, and fit-for-purpose.

Bison Rentals Website

Bison Rentals homepage
Bison Rentals sample page

Complex products, simple navigation

When time is critical to you and your customers, the medium shouldn’t get in the way of the message. We kept the design clear, sharp, and easy to navigate without fuss.

Responsive Email Newsletter Template

Campaign Emails

Building a website is just the beginning. Generating traffic is the next step. The Other Dimension created EDM templates on a distribution platform that the client could easily self-manage, allowing them to get the word out about their brand.

Bold styling, clear calls to action, and on-brand throughout. The perfect support to the new site.

Bison Rentals eDM responsive
Bison Rentals eDM

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