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Presenting our fully-featured and yet easy-to-use online training platform. Able to be styled completely under your own brand, available 24/7 on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and easily updated and editable by your team. Our platform utilises new technology to provide a user-friendly interface for both clients and trainees with enhanced functionality. The training tool sits within a separate WordPress site with styling cues drawn from your primary website (or any of your other branded material). This also means you have access to all the other features and benefits of WordPress, including being able to easily host and manage other industry-related materials and content on your training site.

If you need to train and test large groups of people – whether remotely or in a seminar-like environment – talk to us about how our platform can help.


A Case Study:
Oman Tourism

Tourism Oman Logo
Oman is a beautiful destination often referred to as ‘The Jewel of Arabia’. Until recently, it was a hidden gem with relatively low market awareness for Australian travellers. A key part of raising Oman’s destination profile over the last several years has been working with the trade to help them understand all that it has to offer. In conjunction with roadshows, online training featured heavily in this strategy.

When Tourism Oman decided they wanted to significantly ramp up their online training for travel agents, they realised they needed a platform that did three things:

  1. Put them in control of what modules were available and when;
  2. Matched the look and feel of their consumer website; and
  3. Gave agents flexibility to complete modules on their personal devices (inspired by the possibility of winning a famil for their efforts).

A new training site was launched on our platform, utilising current modules (which were easily migrated over) and the site promoted to Tourism Oman’s existing agent database. The response was excellent, both from Tourism Oman’s side and that of the agents. New modules are planned for the near future, along with additional promotion to agents to ensure they keep on top of all the incredible things Oman has to offer.

Our online training platform features


You Have Complete Control

Update modules yourself at any time. It’s simple, and it’s free.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Participants can complete modules on the bus or train.

Customisable Design

Customise your own individual training site to suit your branding.

Fair & Transparent Pricing Model

A low upfront cost and declining annual license.

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