Online Training Key Features



  • Password protected to restrict access 
  • Custom Styling giving the ability to match your branding (colours, typography and imagery) 
  • Responsive design gives users the option to complete the quiz on their mobile devices (including tablets)
  • Create unlimited number of quizzes Choice between single-choice, multiple-choice and open-ended questions
  • Ability to calculate a grade based on % of correct answers
  • Option to add a timer to ensure the user completes it within a certain time Personalised printable certificates once the user achieves a certain grade
  • Ability to add correct answer feedback or explanations, allowing further education on a topic 
  • Snapshot and table view of answer showing how each person answered the question 
  • Ability to have the answers emailed to the user and the creator of the test/quiz 
  • Question hints, should it be necessary or required to prompt the user towards the right answer.


Reporting Features


  • Export data as a CSV spreadsheet file (for use in Excel)
  • All time overview with a pie chart showing the number of tests attempted, certificates earned, skills practiced, and how they distribute by test category 
  • Full history of all test attempts with time spent, problems solved and results
  • Skills/Categories report showing your users how they perform by test category and question category. The reports can be filtered by given percentage of proficiency and spreads up nicely by question category
  • Usage summary showing the number of tests attempted for the last 12 months 
  • Cumulative stats per question that show you how many users and what % of them selected each answer in each question. It also shows the number and percentage of correct answers to each question in the selected test.

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