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'No More Called Monkey Hand'

The below was received by email from our friends at Light Kids in India. We have reproduced it in full.

Dear Andrew Wilson,

“Children always used to call me monkey hand,” says Lahya with tears. “Even my father hates me because of my birth mark on my right hand.”

Lahya is a beautiful girl but she was born with a huge birthmark (mole) on her right hand.

Since her birth, her family and relatives thought she was a curse to the family due to that huge mark. No one liked her (except her mother) in the family.

People thought she was a bad sign if she comes in front of them (it’s a taboo) or see her if they are going somewhere for an important purpose. All her life she suffered a lot of humiliation.

Her alcoholic father beats her mother for giving birth to Lahya who was born with a huge mark. He doesn’t want to see her. She never experienced love from him. She always felt the unwanted child of the family.

Her mother silently endured all the suffering, humiliated words and physical abuse from the husband for her daughter. There was a time that her husband’s behaviour was getting extreme towards her and Lahya.

She wanted a safe place for Lahya where she is accepted as she is and loved. She came to know about our LIGHT Home and approached us.

Now Lahya is with us, studying year 6 in our English Medium high school. She couldn’t go to the school before as children used to tease her badly.

Now she found a safe place where children love her the way she is and even care for her.

Without any humiliation and worry, now Lahya is focusing on her studies and exceeding the expectations.

“Finally, my daughter found a Home where she is not humiliated but accepted, loved and cared for,” are the words of her mother with a deep gratitude and heartfelt tears. 

“I want to become a teacher,” says Lahya with wide open eyes.

LIGHT Home is a home of hope and a better future where children grow with God’s love and empathy. 

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support which is making lives better for children like Lahya.

We have a special request. We have $ 8,700 outstanding bills to pay for the food and groceries for the LIGHT Home. More than 70 children do not have a regular sponsor which makes it hard to meet the ongoing needs.

We humbly request you to please pray and help us as God leads you.

 Thank you so much.

 God Bless You,

Brother Elisha           


Andhra Pradesh

Mobile: [redacted]
Email: [redacted]

Making a difference in the lives of Dalits and children in need 

If you read this far…

You’ll see why we had to respond. We couldn’t cover the entire shortfall for Light Home, but were able to make a sizeable dent in it as part of our TOD Christmas giving for 2022. If you were moved by Lahya’s story and are able to help out – however small that help may be – we invite you to visit Light Kids and make a Christmas donation in support of Brother Elisha’s amazing work.

Thanks for being a friend to TOD this year. 


We hope you have a great Christmas and fantastic 2023!

With love from Matt, David, Andrew, and Laura

Strategic Vision / Empowered Creative