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Living it out 

Full disclosure: this is one of our own. It’s a showcase of what we can do when we unleash our full suite of capabilities on a project or idea.

Nudge Saver is an app built around behavioural economics principles, helping people to save more money, more often – starting with impulse saving. We saw a need, so we built the solution.

As we say, “We may not save the world, but we’ll help the world save!

App Design

It’s all about the interface. Simplicity = engagement, and engagement = success.


It’s all about trust. For users to engage with our platform and connect their bank accounts, we needed a distinguished but catchy brand name, and a modern-but-solid visual identity. And so, after much research, Nudge was born – first in name, then in design, and then as and a live app.


It’s all about the interface. Simplicity = engagement, and engagement = success.

We workshopped the UX to ensure we included everything we needed and nothing we didn’t, and then developed a slick UI that makes it easy from signup to savings goal achievement.


Nudge is brought to life by our friendly mascot, Alfred. He pops up in all sorts of places and all sorts of ways, visually manifesting the concept of a nudge. He’s cute, but he’s purpose-driven.


Nothing sells like motion. Video is the perfect way to showcase the app experience before asking a user to dive in. We cut it together and then carefully curated audio clips until we found the perfect brand fit: upbeat, positive, and a good dose of fun.

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